You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s nearly impossible to achieve salon quality skincare results from home but, you’d be wrong! Believe it or not you can treat yourself to a spa-like skincare routine with a few killer products and handy hints and tips. I know I’m biased, but I think facials are one of the most relaxing and luxurious things that you can do for yourself. Right now, many of us need to take care of ourselves and de-stress more than ever before. Here at BEMORA, in my mind to call something an at-home facial means going beyond your daily skincare routine. Something truly indulgent you potentially do once or twice a week to really treat your body and mind, and to tackle any skincare concerns you may have. I’ve gathered all my exclusive facial tips to give you fantastic results from your bathroom cabinet…


For me it’s all about setting the scene and ushering in all the ultimate self-care spa vibes. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but channelling an intimate and peaceful environment will help to ease stress, help you unwind to make your facial that much more effective for your mind, body, and soul! All over relaxation is the goal, so running a warm bath to sink back into, and lighting a few candles is a great place to start. Did you know that so many of the most common skincare complaints come from not cleansing your skin properly?! The Addicted To Clean Oil-To-Milk Facial Cleanser is perfect for revitalising your skin without drying it out or disturbing your natural PH balance. Before you start your soak, simply let the amazing plant oils do their work and transform into a silky-smooth milk on contact with water. If you’re not in the mood for a full-body dip, you can simply soak your feet for all that same destressing feeling. It alleviates all the complex pressure points in the foot and is a real relaxer.


Resurfacing superfood enzyme mask from BemoraA facial just wouldn’t feel right without some form of mask! I’d recommend picking your mask based on your skin’s needs and this can change from week to week or session to session. I always think there is room for a heavy dose of enzyme technology and the Resurfacing Superfood Enzyme Mask sounds good enough to eat. The powerfully gentle formula is packed full of natural fruit enzymes including pomegranate, papaya, and pineapple extracts to purify and regenerate overworked skin. To pump up the spa factor, spend an indulgent amount of time applying your mask before you let it sit and get to work. Whether you do this during or after your bath is totally up to you!




Not (quite) literally but one of the fastest ways to see fantastic skincare results is to incorporate some Gua Sha into your routine. If you’ve read my previous blog post all about this legendary Chinese practice then you’ll know that it instantly relaxes facial muscles, gets the energy and blood moving, and shifts stubborn puffiness. Apply a generous amount of the Protect and Rejuvenate Instant Glow Elixir to help the Gua Sha slide over the skin and achieve a serious radiance boost in the process.


One of the biggest keys to maintaining that radiant glow is well-hydrated skin. Spoiler alert: it’s all about your moisturiser! Putting your moisturiser on at the end of your routine is like wearing a raincoat over your outfit, it protects what’s going on underneath. It’s true that not all moisturisers are created equal and the Collagen Boost Superfood Mega Moisturiser is as high performance as it sounds. Powerful natural, active ingredients including shiitake mushroom, red algae, and goji berry extracts work alongside hexapeptide-11 to boost your collagen production and to fight fine lines and wrinkles. This innovative formula locks in hydration by using plant based hyaluronic acid from Snow Mushroom extract. Intrigued? I’ve a got a blog post coming up ALL about hydration so keep your eyes peeled! I’d love to hear about all your favourite ways you love to create a spa experience from home!

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Weiwei x

Founder of BEMORA Skincare

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