If you’re feeling a little nervous ahead of the new year, I certainly don’t blame you! Borders are closed, lockdown is back and there’s a new variant of Covid-19 that’s threatening to cause more havoc than the first one. It’s all pretty stressful to be honest and that’s why I’ve put together some really easy ways you can show yourself a little love this Valentine’s day season. Whether you want to safeguard (and keep on top of!) your mental health and wellbeing going into this new year or simply invest some more time and energy into your otherwise neglected skincare routine, there’s something here (hopefully!) for all you…



People often say the definition of insanity is performing the same actions repeatedly yet expecting a different outcome. The lockdown(s) of 2020 certainly had us all feeling it was Groundhog Day and now is not the time to haranguing yourself about what you did ‘wrong’. Now is simply a great time to identify patterns and improve on them this month. Simple questions to ask yourself can be: What worked well? What didn’t? With this in mind, what do I want to do differently? These can be applied to basic things like a neglected skincare or diet and exercise routine or to larger things such as relationships with friends and family.

Just remember to be gentle with yourself. Imagine that you’re speaking to a friend and encouraging them to take a little more self-care of themselves. I’m pretty certain you’d use kind and loving language; you deserve the same treatment!


There really is no better time than the present to give yourself the ultimate self-care gift: spending time calming and nurturing your mind. Those of you more acquainted with regularly practicing mindfulness techniques should know this one and once again its simple. Sadly, our thoughts are often overtaking our mind and shape our feelings and if your head is filled of negative thoughts then these quickly become negative feelings.  Simply taking 10 minutes out of your day to practice meditation (there are SO many great apps now) may well be the best thing you can do to practice self-love this month.

Whilst we’re talking about safeguarding our minds, it’s also important to take a close look at what you allow into your safe space. That’s right BBC News and WhatsApp notifications I’m talking about you! If regularly reading certain content brings your mood crashing down, then be very selective with when and how you tune in. If its negative news about the pandemic, then undoubtedly keeping informed is particularly important but it doesn’t need to be thrown in your face 500 times a day. Your mind is a delicate thing, get protective of it.


Again, another simple one but simply try to fill your (large) amount of extra time at home with doing things you LOVE. I know many of you are beauty

obsessives like me and if you think you can’t still indulge in some serious pampering sessions when salons are closed – think again! If you’re a lover of skincare and fancy indulging, nothing says indulgent ‘me-time’ like a long skin-pampering sesh. Since we all have a lot more time on our hands, allowing yourself that luxury can be something that you can really treasure as your daily treat or ‘me time’ whatever the day throws at you! The dewy skincare ‘glow’ is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and our Glowing Essential Kit does exactly what it says on the tin.  These glow goodies cleanse, protect and deeply hydrate your skin for a smoother, clearer and (you’ve guessed it!) glowing complexion in three effortless steps!

Start your pampering with the Addicted To Clean Oil-To-Milk Facial Cleanser to gently buff away daily grime and expose fresh skin cells without compromising your skin’s natural barrier function. Follow by applying the Protect and Rejuvenate Instant Glow Elixir for a huge hydration hit and all the benefits of antioxidant protection. Finally, apply the Superfood Mega Moisturiser for a much-needed collagen production boost to fight the first signs of aging. This has to be my personal favourite as it leaves the skin feeling firmer, softer, and smoother. I like to call these three my ultimate power trio for effective relaxation!

You can now elevate your skincare routine also with our newly launched Amethyst Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set.


Find out more about these beautiful products on our website this Valentine’s Day at www.mybemora.com and keep an eye on our newsletters and social media for the reveal of our BRAND-NEW launch happening NEXT month! Spoiler alert: I’m REALLY excited for you to see it 😊.

Weiwei x

Founder of BEMORA Skincare

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