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The brands we have partnered up with all the share the same ethos as us.

We have:


Odylique (oh-dih-leek) meaning ‘power of nature’.

30 years ago, Margert created Odylique from her kitchen table to help alleviate her family’s eczema and dry skin concerns.  Having qualifications in herbal medicine and aromatherapy Margert looked towards nature to help her create something naturally beautiful to help her family.   Using only natural and organic ingredients, that are never tested on animals and pledged to never, ever, use synthetic ingredients; Odylique became one of the first companies to create certified organic cosmetics.


We love Odylique’s ethos and share the same values when creating our products.  Handmade in the UK using natural ingredients which are kind to our bodies and kind to our planet is a bit of us. Margaret’s story reminds of us of Bemora creator, Weiwei, who formulates all her products from her lab at home.  We want to shout about products made in the UK and handmade in the UK ticks all our boxes.  Alongside the specialist skincare, Odylique have a range of vegan lipstick which you can find in store at Bemora hub

Odylique logo
Odylique lipstick


Honeypie Minerals

Founder Claudia grew to love the beauty and simplicity of nature.  In 2010 after suffering from acne, breakouts, oily skin and scarring, Claudia began creating mineral make-up at home in Essex using her friends and family as guinea pigs.  Within 2 years Honey Pie was born. By 2021 it had organically grown in to an award-winning artisanal colour cosmetic brand.  In Honeypie’s range you can find foundation to suit every skin colour.

 Simply driven by the goal to help you feel naturally beautiful and confident, all her products are Vegan friendly and refillable too.  Honeypie are doing amazing things for our natural world and for every product that is sold, 1 tree is planted – tremendous!

At Bemora hub we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to enhance their natural beauty, with products kind for their skin and the environment – Honeypie delivered on that.  We love Claudia’s passion for natural beauty and it’s something we strive for too – supporting our customers in realising their beauty. Don’t forget – you are gorgeous.

Honeypie Minerals logo
Honeypie Minerals products



Co-Founder Charlotte was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease after losing weight and battling extreme fatigue.  She met her other half Sean at University who saw how deliberating the disease was for her.  They decided to take matters into their own hands and looked at natural ways to help which led them to superfoods. They experimented for a few weeks and discovered these ingredients were not only having a positive impact on Charlotte’s health but Sean’s too.  Since then, they have never looked back and set out to make the power of superfoods accessible to everyone.  Their products are Rheal put themselves on Dragon’s Den where they were loved by all the dragons.

We selected Rheal as their products are powered by superfoods that taste good and offers additional supplement for ours bodies.  They have a great ethos which comes from real people, producing real products

Rheal Superfoods logo
Rheal superfoods products


Positive Planner

Finn and Ali are on a mission for as many people as possible to make their mental health a priority and to keep the conversation going that mental health is not a taboo subject. They know first-hand that it can be a lonely and scary place when life feels dark.  This has powered them to want everything they do to bring support and joy into your everyday, as even when life feels tough there is always joy to be found.

Supporting and cheering on us all to be the happiest versions of ourselves? What’s not to love. We are in awe of their mission and take our hats off to them.  Being a well-being hub, mental health means a lot to us.  Self-care comes in so many forms and looks different to everyone.  With the positive planner they welcome you to use writing and creativity to ease you through life.

Positive Planner
Positive Planner pages



Using their products Alqvimia invites us into a state of transformation – spiritually, physically (cosmetically) and emotionally.  After meeting with his spiritual master in India, Idilli – Alqvimia founder, realises he needed to create a cosmetics company to help transform the world.  Alqvimia was born with “the premise of creating 100% natural cosmetics out of the utmost respect for nature and beauty”. Handmade exclusively in the mountains of Northern Spain they fuse alchemy and aromatherapy with a dash of astrology to create unique products.

Why? Alqvimia produce incredibly potent products with soul awakening scents. Our in-house senior therapist, Julie Sharp, is an Alqvimia goddess.  She knows first-hand the incredible effects these products can have on your life, from a holistic stance. Team these with gorgeous treatments and you have heavenly experiences awaiting you.  We are proud to be one of few UK stockists

Alqvimia logo
Alqvimia product

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