My Mother

My mother always had beautiful, flawless skin. She has always been the one who encouraged me to look after myself and my skin ever since I turned 20! She always said – your older self will appreciate it! Very sadly my mother was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2006, and lost her battle two years later. I remember vividly how she did not forget her daily skin routine even when she was receiving treatment she had the most glowing, youthful looking skin.

Weiwei's mother
Bemora's Weiwei and children


I became a mum myself in 2015; we were blessed with our son Tyler and 13 months later we welcomed Alexa into our lives too. I neglected my skincare routine with being so busy and my ‘grab something quick diet’ … I was unfit, and could feel my skin aging rapidly! But I simply did not have the time or energy which I am sure many mums can relate to…I knew something had to change.

Essential Oils

A wonderful lady introduced me to the world of essential oils a few years ago, which has helped me enormously with my IBS, and it was from that point onwards I developed a passion for natural remedies. I am constantly amazed by the benefits Mother Nature can offer, and I started to look for more natural alternatives to help with the health and wellbeing of me and my family.

Essential oils used in Bemora skin care products
Bemora create skincare products in their own laboratory


I refuse to risk my health for beauty, and since I have learned so much about green beauty through my passion for using essential oils, I decided to pursue a diploma with an accredited school and became an organic skincare formulator, enabling me to take control of what I put onto my skin.

I became obsessed with researching some wonderful botanical active ingredients that reminded me of my Mother.

Besides a good skincare routine, she was very much of the mindset that ‘you are what you eat, if it’s good enough to eat, it must be good enough for your skin too!’ I remember some wonderful ingredients that she would use in our diet, and they all served different purposes.

For example, she always used to cook in the summer Snow Mushroom with Lotus Seed desert soup, it has a silky texture and it was incredibly hydrating and cooling for the hot summer weather in the South of China where I was born. Little known fact, Snow Mushroom extract is regarded as the plant based Hyaluronic acid. Each molecule holds up to 1,000 times of its own body weight in water, and that alone was good enough reason for me to incorporate this wonderful ingredient in our products!


I worked tirelessly to create formulations that were fresh and gentle, yet effective. We converted our wash house into a laboratory, I would go to my lab after putting the children to bed and work into the early hours testing my formulations, and I loved it!

I produced a small range of skincare products that only use skin loving, nutrient rich, clean ingredients; free from any harmful or harsh ingredients, synthetic colour or perfume. My skin’s happy again, fresher, clearer, smoother and has a restored youthful glow.

Bemora was born, and now it’s my life!

I hope you love using our products

Here’s to BEMORA, Be More You…


Weiwei x

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