Fruit Enzymes

Enzymes break down proteins and it just so happens that the main component in dead skin cells is protein – keratin, to be specific. These amazing fruit enzymes help to break this down and facilitate the shedding of dead skin cells. Enzymes are gentler and milder than scrubs and other physical exfoliates, but super effective, and it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Pineapple enzyme helps treating problem skin, improve skin texture, even out skin tone, reveal smoother surface.

Papaya enzyme has powerful anti-inflammatory property, it restrains free radicals, helps to reduce irritation, redness and brighten skin.

Pomegranate enzyme helps to fight sun damages, firm up skin. It prevents wrinkles, fights acene and give skin that natural glow. It is incredibly rich in antioxidants.

Fruit enzymes are used in Bemora Skincare products

Fruits enzyme is used in the following Bemora products:

Resurfacing Superfood Enzyme Mask

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