Now, if you’ve been a reader here for a little while you know at BEMORA we LOVE hydration! No really! Hydration, in my opinion, is one of the most important steps you can take daily to ensure that your skin is healthy, glowing, and revitalised. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most over used marketing terms for a LOT of skincare products and ranges. Consequently, something that (should be) relatively simple is actually pretty confusing…

How do we keep our skin hydrated? Is it only about how much moisturiser we put on? How do we lock in that hydration when we achieve it?! Another common skincare myth is that hydration is only a problem in the winter months. Whilst it’s true that cold temperatures, central heating, and excessive winds can do their absolute best to suck your skin dry, there’s still a lot of reason to be making sure your thirsty skin gets what it needs, even in the summer months. Excess sweating due to higher temperatures and increased exposure to UV rays can make it so your skin struggles to hold onto water. So, I’ve pulled together my top five easy hydration station tips that will give your skin a serious drink…

Exfoliate your skin (ideally weekly).

Now this tip comes with quite a heavy caveat which is exfoliate GENTLY. If you’re already suffering from dry, flaking skin adding exfoliation into your routine can be a great way to buff away any dead skin cells to reveal brighter and fresh new skin cells. It’s important to avoid harsh scrubs and ideally pick up a chemical exfoliator. Not to worry though, ‘chemical exfoliator’ doesn’t mean harsh chemicals it simply means the exfoliation occurs through the ingredients in the formula rather than physically scrubbing your skin (which is where you can go overboard).


Keep your face OUT of the shower!

I know, seems strange right? But most of us love a good hot shower (I know I do)! Unfortunately, the temperature most of us tend to indulge in is far too warm for the delicate skin on our faces to tolerate on a daily basis. Simply remembering to keep your face out of the water can make a real difference to your skin’s hydration levels on a daily basis. You can kiss that super tight feeling post-shower goodbye!


H2O, drinking water will improve your skin’s overall hydration.

Really it is that simple. Upping your water intake can really have that big of an impact on your skin! Drinking an adequate amount of water (2 litres a day minimum) is necessary for our bodies to run optimally. It helps with the production of hyaluronic acid and for other nutrients to reach the skin via proper blood flow. It is not the be all and end all, but it certainly goes a LONG way.


Add these to your skincare essentials.

You remember we mentioned hyaluronic acid? One of my favourite active ingredients is the plant-based form of hyaluronic acid which is extracted from the Snow Mushroom! Its official name is, Tremella Fuciformis, and it’s a fungus that’s been used in Chinese practices for hundreds of years and is part ofsnow-mushroom 400x300 many myth and legends. Snow Mushroom acts in a similar way to the skincare hero hyaluronic acid by binding water to the skin. Incredibly, as its particles are smaller than its more well-known cousin, it can penetrate the skin more easily. Pretty impressive when you think that traditional hyaluronic acid can hold up to x1000s its own weight in water!

It’s no surprise then that Snow Mushroom extract has snuck itself into some of our hero BEMORA products such as Nourish And Brightening SOS Eye Recovery Cream, Collagen Boost Superfood Mega Moisturiser and our brand new Resurfacing Superfood Enzyme Mask. If you ask me, these really are my favourite hydration secret weapons! If you fancy locking in that hard earned hydration, you can shop all products mentioned via the website. I cannot wait to hear all about your results!

Weiwei x

Founder of BEMORA Skincare

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