Before I begin, I just want to say don’t panic! No really. I know this year has been a roller coaster ride but fortunately it’s nearly over (for this year anyway). November has finally rolled around, and the countdown has officially begun to the big C (not Covid, Christmas!).  With the never-ending gift exchanges during the Christmas period, it can be hard to come up with something original – no one wants socks again for the 5th year running! This year is going to be slightly different for many, but one thing remains the same, the desire to make every gift given feel really and truly unique to the receiver. Even the smallest twist on a generic gift can show loved ones you’ve really put the time and effort into the gesture. But here at Bemora Skincare we think you can definitely go one better.

This year we’re all being urged to step outside of what’s conveniently available, think a little harder about the gifts we’re buying and analysis where we’re buying them from. With the November national lockdown in the UK, many small and independent businesses are suffering immensely at such a crucial time of year. Whilst it’s infinitely easier to shop with big companies, the impact of Covid-19 means we’re all being urged to shop locally to keep them open in the long term. I’ve pulled together some of my top recommendations for a meaningful Christmas shopping guide. Because let’s be honest, if there’s one person who doesn’t need more money this year it’s ‘Mr Amazon’, Jeff Bezos…



The power of community is never higher than in times of difficulty and asking your friends and loved ones about their favourite small businesses is a great place to start. Many towns and villages have community pages set up on Facebook and are a vast pool of knowledge about your local area. A top tip to get the conversation started may even be to post yourself asking for recommendations and scroll through a lovely list when they come back.



When it comes to sourcing food for the big day or in the run up, its all too easy to head to one of the big supermarkets. Don’t forget about local farm shops and delis who all rely heavily on this time of year. From fresh fruit and veg to delicious cakes, pastries, and responsibly sourced meat many places allow you to place orders well in advance of the big day.



Whilst social distancing means we’re not able to host for our friends and wider families just yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat them in the future. Check out your local restaurant scene and see if they are offering gift cards. That way when restrictions lift your friends and loved ones can enjoy a meal they haven’t had to cook and you’ve gone along way to provide much needed cash flow for many smaller restaurants who have been forced to close. Don’t see a gift card advertised anywhere on their website? Simply ask! It may be that if enough people show interest, they will realise it’s a viable solution.




BEMORA was founded on a passion for green beauty, and a desire to capture the purity of Mother Nature in every formula. We are a small family run business founded by myself (a mother of two to Tyler and Alexa) with the passion and commitment handed down from my mother. She was always encouraging me to look after myself and my skin since I turned 20 with those wise words: ‘your older self will appreciate it!’

Glowing Essential Kit BagTo me nothing says me-time like a long skin-pampering sesh and there’s just something oh-so-special about receiving a hand selected skincare gift set. Since we all have a lot more time on our hands, giving the gift of perfect skin can be something that they treasure well into 2021. The BEMORA Glowing Essentials Kit makes a truly special gift that cleanses, protects and deeply hydrates your skin in three effortless steps. Start with the Addicted To Clean Oil-To-Milk Facial Cleanser that gently removes daily grime, excess sebum and make up. Follow with the Protect and Rejuvenate Instant Glow Elixir, to provide hydration and antioxidant protection. It helps balance skin’s natural sebum production, restores elasticity, and reduces inflammation. Finally, the Collagen Boost Superfood Mega Moisturiser gives your collagen production the boost it needs! It fights fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin feel visibly firmer, softer, and smoother.

Let this fabulous trio to help you or your loved ones achieve a fresh, beautiful, and glowing complexion this Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our fantastic Christmas offers!

Weiwei x

Founder of BEMORA Skincare

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