Move over designer bags, there’s a new and essential 2020 accessory in town. Enter the face mask! As they’re an imperative part of our daily routines, we’re wearing them a lot more. Despite offering a vital first defence against airborne bacteria, they come with their own set of problems which has coined a brand-new skincare concern: ‘maskne’. Breakouts caused by wearing a mask!

It’s important to recognise from the start that maskne is entirely different from traditional hormonal acne. How to know which you’re suffering from? Look at where the blemishes are appearing. If they’re along and underneath areas where your mask sits, its most likely to be maskne, which is caused by the physical disruption of the skin (not hormones) where trapped bacteria build up. I hear you, gross right?! The bad news is that the seasonal changes associated with winter (READ: frequent changes in temperature, along with central heating) can further exacerbate this issue and here I’ve rounded up my top three tips to keep your skin nourished and protected.


You read that right, not all masks are created equal. Natural fabrics like cotton and washable silk will reduce friction and don’t absorb the moisture from your skin. Masks made of artificial materials can cause micro tears in the skin, which combined with sweat from wearing the mask for prolonged periods of time allow trapped bacteria under the mask to penetrate the skin and cause blockages. Found the right type? I would advise buying at least 7-10 of them to make sure you can regularly rotate them to keep both you and your skin protected.


Disposable masks are just that, disposable(!) Your face mask is intended to be worn once and either disposed of or washed ready for reuse. Unfortunately keeping one facemask in your car, handbag or pocket for regular use when needed throughout the day won’t be helping your skin. Keeping your mask clean is imperative to maintaining happy skin. Simply add your masks in with your weekly washing with an antibacterial detergent (Dettol do a great one) and ensure you have multiples on hand in the meantime.


Oil To Milk Facial CleanserMaking sure to nourish your skin during this time will go a long way to helping reduce your maskne breakouts and help to prevent more occurring in the future. If your skin is prone to maskne, you can nourish and protect your skin daily with our Addicted To Clean Oil To Milk Facial Cleanser to cleanse your face in a gentle yet effective way, without drying out your skin or disturbing your natural oil balance. The combination of incredible plant oils, including watermelon, sesame, and hibiscus, helps to lift away the build-up of impurities underneath the mask on contact with water when it transforms from a silk smooth oil into a milky emulsion. It quickly and easily removes dirt, daily grime, and makeup.


Protect and Rejuvenate Instant Glow ElixirIf I had to choose only one product from the range? It would have to be the Protect & Rejuvenate Instant Glow Elixir as it truly has been my saviour. It contains calming and soothing lavender and roman chamomile, and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory for stressed out skin. Not only that, but these essential oils are also anti-bacterial to help ward off against bacteria growth throughout the day. It’s definitely my go to face oil at the moment not only to protect but to provide some much-needed nourishment at this time of year.

At the end of the day my take home message if you’re suffering with Maskne is to ensure that you’re cleansing your skin effectively and providing it with the right soothing care. This can really help extreme sufferers.



Weiwei x

Founder of BEMORA Skincare

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