Amethyst facial roller and Gua Sha set

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3 reviews for Amethyst facial roller and Gua Sha set

  1. Laura from Lancashire

    Absolutely LOVE these new amethyst friends. The roller feels amazing on the skin and smoothes lines and wrinkles. The gua sha is lovely for smoothing across the face, neck and forehead and feels very relaxing. It really does get circulation going and skin feels re-vitalised afterwards, I tend to use a little more elixir so skin is super nourished, great accessory and well timed for the harsh cold Northern weather. Well done Bemora, my skin has never looked and felt so good !

  2. Katy Connolly

    Love, love, love my amethyst roller and gua sha
    Firstly, the colour is so beautiful 💜
    Every evening I cleanse then massage in the Elixir, followed by 20 mins sat on the sofa gently moving the cooling roller over my face, then brushing the gua sha under my eyes, chin and upwards on my cheekbones.
    The whole ritual is a treat, dead easy, feels nourishing, natural and my skin feels well and truly massaged. Also very calming after a long day of work/home schooling!
    I’ve definitely noticed my skin looking more vibrant, and (dare I say it) a reduction in fine lines
    Highly recommend.

  3. Pauline Wright

    I have bought these products as presents for my friends as a friend was telling me how good they were but I never had any myself until . . . . . I recently received the Glowing Essential Kit for my birthday! I love it! My skin had become much drier as I got older and these products certainly make it feel very hydrated and soft! They smell wonderful and are a treat to use! I am very happy to highly recommend them! But, make sure you treat yourself too!!

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