Have you ever been guilty of going to sleep with your makeup on? You know that you shouldn’t but you’re just too tired and all you want is to chill or go to bed!? You might even convince yourself that it’s okay, because you don’t wear that much makeup anyway… Well, your day-old makeup, plus the sweat and oil that naturally accumulate throughout the day, as well as the pollution and grime collected from the environment around you, are all causes for potential breakouts, a dull complexion and an accelerated aging process!

Let’s not forget, skin is our biggest organ after all; it can weigh up to 4kg and covers about 2 square meters! It’s one of our immune system’s first barriers so has to work around the clock. During the day, skin is in protection mode keeping our complexion free from harmful rays and free radicals; at night, skin goes into repair mode creating healthy cells, regenerating levels of collagen and more.

Makeup is one of our skin’s biggest enemies, alongside UV rays, air pollution, poor diet and lack of exercise. So many skin issues can be linked to our over-use of makeup; foundation and powders readily clog and stretch pores making them look bigger and leading to spots and rashes. It’s our skin’s job to eliminate naturally occurring waste, and it therefore needs to be kept free from heavy, clogging products in order to function correctly. Sleeping in your makeup means that your skin has to work much harder to get through all that dirt, dead skin cells and grime.

Now we’re not totally against makeup at all; you can create flawless looks everyday with the help of makeup there’s no doubt about that! Or sometimes we all just need little help to make us look more awake each morning! All we’re saying is that it is vital to get into the habit of going to sleep with a cleansed and moisturised face… we promise your skin will thank you for it!
The great news is that you don’t even need a complicated skincare regime to achieve glowing skin; a simple routine with effective, natural skincare products can totally suffice. Focus on the fundamentals; cleanse to remove dirt, grime and makeup, exfoliate once a week to shed old skin cells and encourage cell renewal, and finally moisturise… et voilà, simple steps to a beautiful and radiant complexion! (Check out our Glowing Essential Kit)

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