Addicted to Clean Oil to Milk Facial Cleanser

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Our Addicted to Clean Oil-To-Milk Facial Cleanser cleans your face in a gentle yet effective way, without drying your skin or disturbing your natural oil balance.

It contains a combination of amazing plant oils and when it comes into contact with water transforms from a silky smooth oil into a milky emulsion; for quick and easy removal of dirt, daily grime and make up.

The active ingredients nourish and soothe the skin, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

Day after day, skin becomes more supple with a clean and clear complexion.

*note: as this is a natural product, scent and colour may vary slightly from batch to batch.

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30ml e 1fl oz, 100ml e 3.38fl oz

11 reviews for Addicted to Clean Oil to Milk Facial Cleanser

  1. Katy Connolly

    I have been using ‘Addicted to Clean’ cleanser for a month now, and never has it been so straightforward to get all my makeup off without using a variety of products!! It effectively removes eye make up, also gently taking off all other facial makeup and leaving skin clean, fresh and feeling lovely (not pinched or dry)
    I especially like that you massage the oil in, and then rinse with water (as opposed to a product that you just wipe makeup off with) as it feels like I’ve actually fully cleaned it off. Highly recommended

  2. Janey

    I’ve never used an oil cleanser before, I am now fully converted! Wow, so easy and quick to use and really does get rid of all traces of makeup. Really like the way the oil rubs into the skin, then applying a little water turns it into a milky lather, just lovely. Skin is smooth and soft. Best cleanser I’ve ever used, thanks for a great product.

  3. Laura Jane

    I used to really dread having to remove my make up in the evenings until I started using this fantastic Bemora product – Addicted to clean oil to milk facial cleanser. It sooooo works. You start by putting about 3 or 4 drops into palm of your hand and then massage it into your face all over. It is such a contrast to the old make up remover which made my face feel stripped and tight, this lovely product feels really nourishing. You then pat some warm water all over which gives a slight milky effect and do another massage before washing off with warm water. Feels really clean but lovely and soft & nourished. An amazingly effective but kind and gentle make up remover – love it !

  4. Jackie Fender (verified owner)

    Found Bemora by accident when visiting York in December. Absolutely love this cleanser. My skin feels amazing 😊😊

  5. Lucy Wright

    My favourite ever cleanser, skin feels so soft and refreshed after using. Removes all makeup with ease, I like to use with a hot cloth. Beautiful product, thank you Bemora!

  6. Michelle Harrop (verified owner)

    I am ecstatic to have discovered Bemora, I have tried many cleansers & have found this be the best I’ve used. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight after cleansing & I can tell that only natural ingredient’s are used.

  7. Rebecca

    I’ve only been using Bemora products for around a week now and my skin has never felt better! I can’t thank them enough for transforming my skin care routine!
    This cleanser is SO gentle but still packs a punch and delivers exactly what is promised! Would highly recommend this for people with sensitive skin like myself 🙂

  8. Sara Hopkins

    I can only give 5* but would give more if I could. I feel so refreshed when I’ve used this. Love it 😍 thank you mybemora

  9. Terry Hugill-Graham (verified owner)

    This cleanser is lovely and rich, which feels so luxurious but gentle at the same time. My skin has been positively glowing since I started using it and I have been getting so many comments about how well I look. If that isn’t enough reason to invest in this product then I don’t know what is?! A bonus in my eyes is how good it is at taking mascara off. Normally I have to use a specific eye make up remover to remove it because a normal cleanser doesn’t budge it and I end up with red eye. Not with mybemora.

  10. Nat H (verified owner)

    After having an awful year with my skin and trying to keep on top of hormonal acne which started in my 30s I decided to try a new cleanser.. all I can say is wow! I’ve not been using the product for long but I absolutely love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and it’s transformed my complexion too. Thank you Bemora!

  11. Phil (verified owner)


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