Protect and Rejuvenate Instant Glow Elixir

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14 reviews for Protect and Rejuvenate Instant Glow Elixir

  1. Katie Ashbridge

    I live on top of a cliff next to the North Sea and spend a lot of time on the beach in harsh weather conditions. This year I have added Protect and Rejuvenate Instant Glow Elixir to my daily beauty routine and I am more than impressed!
    Normally at this time of year after being out in the cold my skin gets dry and a little red but not this year. I feel like Wonder Woman with a glowing shield protecting my face from the harsh weather thanks to the elixir.

  2. Rhian Herring

    Love this product, leaves skin feeling nourished and with a natural glow, works wonders for my dry skin and really compliments the mega moisturiser.

  3. Katy Connolly

    Love this Elixir!
    After I’ve washed my face at night, it just glides on and melts in (it really isn’t greasy)
    When I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels hydrated and supple: it makes me happy it’s been working on my skin all night!
    I’d normally have patches of dry areas at this time of year, but since using the elixir, not a flake of dryness in sight. I have definitely noticed an improvement in the tone and texture of my skin so Bemora Elixir is a staple in my skincare routine now.

  4. Janey Ash

    The smell of this Elixir is what grabs you first, so soothing and that’s exactly what it does to the skin too. It absolutely works as it’s description suggests, anti inflammatory; my skin has never been better. Clearer than ever actually. Especially lovely before bed, the roman chamomile aids peaceful sleep.

  5. Toni Stephenson

    A wonder product!! I love how this can be used as part of a luxury home facial, or equally as a quick treatment before bed and in the morning; either way it’s a real treat and I saw the difference it made to my skin after the very first use! I’ve suffered with hormonal acne in the past; this has helped to really calm things down and fade old scars too. My skin is the best it’s been!

  6. Jade Harvatt

    I have tried SO many different brands of skincare, from very expensive high-end, to cheap stuff from Boots. This elixir has by far been the best thing I’ve used, and I’m sticking with it! I don’t wear concealer or foundation so I really need my skin to be in good condition, and it literally glows when I’m wearing this. On just day two, friends were complimenting me on how dewy I looked! I cannot recommend this all-natural product enough, I love it!

  7. Emily Alexander

    This is my favourite product on my ‘dressing table’ and my skin adores it as much as I do. Initially I was unsure using an oil based product, but it soaks into my skin in seconds. It smells incredible and has really improved the appearance of my skin, and is especially good at calming down any breakouts before they evolve!

  8. Laura (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this product. I absolutely love it! I use it mainly before bed after cleansing (around 3 drops) and noticed that my skin is much brighter and feels softer. I sometimes use a tiny bit (1 or 2 drops) in the daytime before applying my make up if my skin feels dry. My wrinkles seem less and there’s more elasticity in my skin. Feels like a luxurious spa product and a treat when I put it on, it smells great too. I will definitely continue to buy this product. Thank you Bemora!! X

  9. Michaela (verified owner)

    Cannot recommend this beautiful product enough! It smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and face looks bright and glowing. My acne is under control and even my scars seem less visible? I use it morning and night and it’s an essential for my skin care routine. Love it! Xx

  10. Michelle Harrop

    This does exactly what it say’s it does….calming, soothing & balances. It is non-greasy & feels like a little bottle of magic, just can’t put into words how good it makes my skin feel.

  11. Sara Hopkins

    I use this both morning and night 1-2 drops and I’ve seen a massive improvement in my skin. Smells amazing and feels amazing. I’m really funny about new products on my skin as suffer with dermatographia but this has given me no problems and I use these products instead of all my others now. Thank you mybemora 😊 xx

  12. Terry Hugill-Graham

    I’ve nearly used the whole bottle and noticed that my skin feels and looks more supple and hydrated. It’s like liquid gold for the face.

  13. Kimberley Hayton

    I also won this one in a competition. This makes my skin feel incredible. So smooth and there is a glow as soon as you apply it. The only reason I haven’t bought more (along with my other one) is there is still half a bottle left it just keeps going. Brilliant!

  14. Pauline Pindar (verified owner)

    I started using the Bemora range in October. I have or should I say had sensitive skin and rosacea. I always had red cheeks with spots that never disappeared. Within a week of using the range my skin started to look better but as I have drawers full of products that worked for a month then didn’t I was keen to see if the improvement continued.It certainly did. My skin looks great it’s clearer, glowing and no redness or spots for six months. It’s amazing. I cannot recommend the products highly enough.

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